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Essence of a woman

​The mind is an endless source of creativity 
which continuously allows
 Yvette Oles, the artist to present to you a complete collection of...

 The Essence of a Woman

She is...

Bold   Captivating   Unique   Blessed   Fiery   Gentle    Passionate

and so much more.

New York
 born and raised currently residing in Texas. Yvette Oles artistry began in November 2016 and has flourished tremendously throughout the years.  
The artist has a style that goes above and beyond anything in the spirit of creativity.

With a blank canvas she manages to turn the triumphs and the pain women experience in every life into vibrant and beautifully crafted one of a kind artworks  that we can all relate to or, at least we know someone who has gone through and can also relate.

The fuel behind the fire

  Driven by a concept that began when God spoke to her heart what the next chapter in her life would consist of which is creating art for women about women by a woman.

 Yvette has allowed herself to be a vessel of God in the form of art so that we all can enjoy these beautiful pieces in our homes, shops and  other locations 

Her passion is clearly evident in each art piece that she creates.  Every artwork is a one of a kind expression telling its own story on each canvas yet it all ties together in one big  beautifully constructed story about all women in all phases of life. 

  With new visions being brought to life daily on canvas  there is no limit to what we can expect to see in the near future with her unique and God anointed talent.